Friday, October 15, 2010

Dress for your Tweed Ride! Harris Tweed Cape for Sale.

I've noticed a few Tweed Rides are popping up around the country. Earlier this year I purchased a beautiful Harris Tweed cape I thought I might want to wear at a Tweed Ride.  However, even though the cape is a one-size-fits-most deal, it is quite long. At 5'3" I feel rather swamped by it. Before putting it back on eBay, I thought I'd see if any of my readers are interested in buying it. It's genuine Harris Tweed from Scotland, and it is a nice, substantial winter weight. It is in perfect condition.

E-Mail me at if you're interested. Price is $120 plus $15 for shipping.


  1. It is indeed beautiful! Have you considered bringing it to an alterations person and getting them to take it up for you? Maybe chop off a good foot off the bottom? I'm about your size and I think those hip-length capes on bikes are pretty cool :)