Thursday, October 14, 2010

CicLAvia Report Part 2 - The Sights.

Here are few more pictures from CicLAvia.

A view from MacArthur Park.

One of the rest/information stops.

Crossing an intersection.

Shiny, happy people.

Helpful police officer managing intersection.

A street performer.

The neighborhood.

Bike-shaped bike racks!

A view from 4th Street Bridge.

More of 4th Street Bridge.

Downtown in the background. 

 Bridge over railroad tracks.

 4th Street is a bit hilly!

A cutesy beach cruiser.

There are so many blogs out there that have posted incredible pictures of the event that I have to say I'm a bit ashamed to post mine but ah well...this is what I got. :)


  1. it's so great to see those giants roads filled with bicycles!

  2. That's a sweet catalog of the day's sights. The vivid contrast and dearth of cars makes Los Angeles look like either a giant play city of paper mache and model trains, or else a worthy someday inheritor of Paris's historic claim as the City of Light. Be patient, folks. We'll yet claim that mantle.

  3. Thanks for all your photos - so interesting! It looks like it was a lot of fun. Keep 'em coming ;)

    Aileen, Dublin, Ireland