Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CicLAvia Report Part 1 - People Watching.

CicLAvia was truly a dream. I still kind of can't believe it was real. The most common refrain I heard all day was "This is so cool." Variations included "This is so amazing," "This is so dope," "This is the best day ever," and "Can you believe we get to do this?"

Today's post will focus on some of the lovely people spotted at CicLAvia.

Spotted: Cosmo from Los Angels Cycle Chic - Making even baby wearing look chic!

I love this guy's jersey - is that a Mayan calendar?

A Bike Twin!

This lovely lady above told me her name and I'm sorry to say I've forgotten it. She has a rose-colored Centurian Le Mans Mixte very similar to mine! Hers, however, is in beautiful condition. Mine needs, ahem, a little work. We had a nice chat about the bikes and she said she'd look for my blog so I hope she's seeing this!

Check out her "Beer View Mirror." How cute is that?!

Cycle Chic Perfection!

How cute is this girl? Check out how her little owl bag matches her olive green Biria bike. And those little yellow flats? Amazing. I'd never heard of these bikes before. It seems like it's a really reasonably-priced, cute city bike. The guy standing behind her is awesome too.

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