Saturday, October 16, 2010

CicLAvia Report Part 3 - Me and my Homies.

Today's CicLAvia report will focus on the wonderful group of friends I was with that day.

Me looking um...shiny.

 Nate. You might recognize this guy.

 Lissette (who designed my awesome banner).

 Sara. She's pregnant but she didn't let that stop her!

 Lissette and Sara - posing oh so naturally.

 Omar. He has a MUCH better camera than I do. :)

 Mmmmmm. Jamaica.

 Omar and his bike - he won it in a raffle.

 Our bike gang - the sweet version.

 Our bike gang - the surly version.

 Bike gang - with Omar.

 Sara and her new bike.

 Nate and Omar checking out a street performer.

 Lissette "racing."

 Fun with bike racks.

 Nick and his new bike.

 Taking a rest on the 4th Street Bridge.

We all had such a great time. I'm so thankful that my friends were able to come out and share such an incredible day together.


  1. beautiful! as one of the organizers of CicLAvia, it's been a real treat to see so many blogs, photos, videos, comments, etc. showing how good a time people had! so many smiles!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Atlanta had a similar event today (their second) and I had to miss it due to a work event - boo! And of course the weather was perfect, so I guess I'll just have to live vicariously and look at photos :)

  3. I need a bike gang. Nice bike racks, BTW.

  4. Nice blog! I like the pix. I'm a recent commuter and I love these stories!

    Come out for Tour de Fat!

  5. ciclavia was such an amazing event.

  6. whattttt an awesome set!!
    +you look fab and so happy, when i visit ELAY we ride ok! <3333
    besos - meli xxo