Thursday, November 25, 2010

His and Hers Globe Bikes.

I spotted these his and hers Globe Hauls outside S&W Country Diner in Culver City - a very popular weekend breakfast spot. I think they are Globe Hauls, anyway. They have the frame of the Hauls but the disc brakes of the Globe Live. Maybe the Haul used to come with disc brakes and the newer model on the website does not. Anyway I have a soft spot for the "his and hers" bike idea. So sweet and romantic. I know for a fact that it was a "his" and a "hers" that owned these bikes because I saw them riding off later. :) These bikes seem like a great upgrade from the typical beach cruisers you see all over the LA area. With their cup holders installed on the handlebars, they are all set for some weekend fun.

Happy Thankgiving, Everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November in L.A.

These pictures are over a week old but I still want to share. Los Angeles is particularly beautiful before or after a rain. On this lovely Saturday in November a storm was brewing, but my friend Gigi and I decided to meet up for a bike ride to Santa Monica using the Beach Bike Path. While I was waiting for Gigi to arrive at our meeting spot, I snapped these pictures.

Gigi arrives! Note how her pink shoe laces match her bike. So Gigi. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

CicLAvia Report Part 4 - Bonus Pictures by Omar.

By now CicLAvia is a distant (but fond) memory. However, I just got in these pictures from my friend Omar which I just had to post.

All photos by Omar E. Gonzalez.

Unfortunately he's not in any of these pictures but that's his bike in the last shot!

New Fall Goodies!

Normally I'm not a big shopping girl but I must say this Fall I've seen so many wonderful things I want to buy - and I've bought a few of them!

My most recent purchase are these adorable arm warmers from REI.

I just love how they keep your fingers free for gear changing. Living in LA it's never really freezing here so these should be plenty warm. And that little button detail is tooooo cute!

I also got these awesome boots on sale at Land's End.

You won't be able to find these anymore on their website, as they seem to be all sold out. My sister got in just under the wire and purchased them in black! They do have a couple of other similar styles, though, I'm not sure the quality of those quite rivals these. These were called the Women's Favorite Riding Boot. I'm pretty sure they meant horse riding but I'm gonna pretend they meant bike riding! I love the cognac color and they are super high quality. I thought I remember the website saying they were Italian but they are stamped "Made in Mexico." Either way they are beautifully made and will last me for many years to come.

I also got a pair of Highwaist Skinny Jeans (I refuse to call them "jeggings") on sale (40% off!) by 7 For All Mankind.

The pictures are a little deceptive. On me they come way up above my belly button which I love. They kind of a have an 80's feel to them and the fact that they are high waisted means no worries when I'm riding my bike cause they won't slip down and reveal any underwear waistbands. And they'll be great for tucking into my new boots!

I also got some fun, cheap sweaters and a great scarf from H&M. I'll be posting pictures of those as I wear them.

For some reason almost everything I've bought this year is some version of grey - it seems to be my theme for the season! Now if I can just find some grey suede shoes!

Thanks for putting up with my conspicuous consumption. I hope I didn't bore you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted.

And I biked there.

Surly Pop Physique.

Pop Physique is a new exercise studio in my great neighborhood of Mar Vista. It's sort of a fusion of mat pilates, barre method and light weight training. It's a great workout in an hour. I went on Sunday and my abs still hurt today on Tuesday.

As I was locking up my bike I spotted this lovely Surly Long Haul Trucker at the next parking meter. With it's small size, swept back handlebars and practical basket it seemed decidedly girly to me. It turned out the owner of the bike was indeed another woman who was in the Pop Physique class. I didn't get a picture of her hopping on and riding off because she was so quick! Maybe next time.