Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beachy Fall Commute.

As I embarked on my commute home tonight, this was what I saw.

As I rode over to the beach to get a better look at the sunset I realized I could actually take the beach bike path for part of my ride home.

I'll definitely be making this a regular part of my commute!

This is when I really love where I live.


Recently we had a fire at our regular office, so we've been working out of a temporary place which is just steps from the beach. That's why I happened upon this beautiful scene as soon as I left the office. I feel very lucky - especially on these last few warm days and balmy nights. As I've been riding my bike to work and back, I keep finding better and better routes. I think I've finally found the perfect way though. The beach bike path and the Venice Boulevard bike lanes make up about 90% of my commute. A small jaunt through a peaceful neighborhood is the other 10%.