Friday, April 15, 2011

Centurion Le Mans in Toronto.

When I was in Toronto last fall, it was my first trip there since I took up cycling. I couldn't believe how bikey Toronto is! I just never realized it before. I saw so many cool bikes including a lot of European style bikes and tons of vintage bikes. This Centurion Le Mans looks like it might be from the same era as my fixer upper (which I have yet to start fixing up). This looks like a very well-loved and well-used vintage bike!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

CicLAvia Spring 2011!

CicLAvia is more than just a one-off now. Today was the second CicLAvia event in Los Angeles, with two more to come this year!!! It was another fantastic day. The weather was perfect. Sunny with highs in the 60's. Here a few choice pics from the day.

 The tallest (and most colorful) tall bike I've ever seen!

 My bike twin. Rockin' the Bianchi Milano.

 She went for a basket while I went for the rack and panniers.

 Just a couple of dapper dudes. (Check out the Swiss army bag pannier. Nice.)

 Lissette and Nick enjoying the food along the CicLAvia route.

 Havin' a great day!

 Belly full. Ready to set out.

 Looking a bit like a Swobo spokesperson.

 Cute girl with a Public bike.

 Cute guy and bike twin to my beau! (Riding a Masi Speciale Fixed)

 The sights at Hollenbeck Park - AKA the end of the line.

 Folks resting up after a long ride.

 Cute girl with a vintage Centurion.

 My CicLAvia buddies!

 How awesome is this? He made the frame himself (for $16!). The bike weighs 155 lbs.

 Nick bought himself a Bike Bucket. Nice.


In case you're wondering why I didn't ride the new Pashley - there are a couple of reasons. First, I can't fit that bike in my car. Second, there are some hills on the CicLAvia route that I would not enjoy tackling on the Pashley! The Bianchi is decidedly lighter and zippier.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yarn Bike.

Artist olek is responsible for these yarn bikes. I spotted this one in Santa Monica last Fall. I never posted about it, though. Better late than never! I wonder what it looks like now, if it's still there at all.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dream. Realized.

I bought a Pashley! She is mine.

 It is the size and color I requested.

 17.5 inch (the smallest). I'm 5'3". Black.

 Wonder why I look so happy?!

 It's truly a dream bike.

 I haven't made any modifications to it yet.

 After I ride it for a while I'll see about making a couple of small changes.

 Brooks leather grips would be  nice.

 And maybe a double kickstand.

That's T.J. He took great care of me.

You'll be seeing a lot of this bike on the blog!!! And in case you're wondering, I'll probably be selling the Bianchi. Currently I have the Bianchi and a special fixer-upper-project vintage mixte and now the Pashley. I have room in my garage for 2 but 3 is not realistic.

The day one gets a new bike is truly a great day!!!