Monday, October 11, 2010

CicLAvia Teaser Pic.

I won't have time until later today or tomorrow to do a real post on CicLAvia. I can tell you it was a FANTASTIC (albeit a bit hot) day. Kudos to all the people who must have worked tremendously hard to put it all together. I promise that at the next event I will volunteer. Here's one little picture. This is what LA might look like if all the cars suddenly disappeared.

On 4th Street Bridge - Downtown looming in the background.


  1. can't wait for more info on CicLAvia!

  2. i was there yesterday, yes it was a hot day!

    What a great success the event was. I was just thinking the same thing yesterday (that i should've volunteered)

  3. Thanks for this view that is little seen by Westsiders. What, a bridge in Los Angeles? Who knew! My favorite part of the ride is coursing though the light industrial area on the west and east sides of the bridge. Lovely stuff. Proud today to be an Angeleno.

    You can read my own wrap-up about the event here: