Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cycling in the Rain. A Bikey First!

The past year and change that I've been cycling has been such a wonderful experience, and it's been full of "firsts." This week I rode my bike in the rain for the first time. I am not a full-time bike commuter so this was purely by choice.  I know all you other hard-core kids out there are doing it so I thought why not?

Leaving the office to cycle home in the evening rain.

My outfit was practical if not completely waterproof.
Long sleeve merino wool cycling jersey - Swobo
Trent coat - Target
Jeans - Citizens of Humanity
Boots - Rubber rain boots
Gloves - Head ($10 from Costco. I keep them in my panniers at all times.)
Helmet - Bern Watts

My bike is always prepared for rain because it has full fenders and lights. The only special thing I had to was to put plastic bags over my panniers because they are not waterproof.

The ride was was exhilarating! One gentleman on the sidewalk told me that he also rides a bike and he was very impressed with my biking-in-the-rain set-up! He also said that he enjoys biking in the rain.

I did end up pretty wet! (crappy iPhone picture)

I'd definitely do it again! However if I was riding to a place where I had to look presentable, I'd bring a change of clothes and make sure to allow my self enough time to clean myself up a bit.

While this week has been cool and rainy, we are heading into a sunny weekend with temps in the 80's!


  1. hi! i live in the Wet Coast well.. somecall it the West Coast, but its really the "Wet Coast".
    Here are some other ideas for you - One: try a baseball cap under you helmet (may need to adjust to fit) which will help keep rain off glasses and Two: don't forget to take an extra plastic bag to put over your seat if you need to lock up outside! Keeps the seat nice and dry!!
    Riding in the rain is actually fun and makes the coffee or hot chocolate that much more enjoyable.

  2. Hi, here are 2 more ideas for you to try on your next ride out in the rain - One: try a baseball cap under your helmet to help the rain from falling on your glasses Two: take an extra plastic bag to put over your seat in case you need to stop somewhere - saves from a wet seat!! Have fun!

  3. i love riding in the rain too. we have more of a heavy mist fog that i like to call rain here in sf. i love the pic with your wet glasses cause that's what mine always look like after my morning misty commute, thus i wait to put on the makeup, runny mascara stings my eye. very cute post!

  4. I can't think of anything sexier than a girl willing to bicycle in the rain. Be careful of guys like me, an unintentional side-effect.

  5. Oh i too love bicycling in rain........

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