Saturday, October 9, 2010


CicLAvia 2010 Route Map
The blogosphere is already saturated with information about CicLAvia. But just in case you didn't know:

"CicLAvia consists of the temporary opening of streets to residents so they may enjoy a safe and pleasant space for walking, jogging, skating or riding a bike. CicLAvia differs from permanent bike routes because it is a temporary space whose principal use is not transport, but recreation. In general, CicLAvia occurs on a fixed day of the week (usually Sundays and in some cases on holidays) and has an average duration of six hours."

I'm so proud of our Los Angeles cycling community for putting this together against all odds. It's here! Tomorrow! I'll be there. Will you?

Official CicLAvia Site

This post at the Gary Rides Bikes blog has lots of useful information about feeder rides that are riding over to CicLAvia from all different parts of town.

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