Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks, Los Angeles!

Back in the late summer time I requested some more bike racks outside my office.  Beneath my office is a bustling Venice restaurant and often the two existing bike racks were simply not sufficient.  I filled out an online request form for the racks, and received a message that the city was out of funds for bike racks and my request would go into a queue.  With the current economic situation being what it is, I figured the new racks would never see the light of day.  But a few weeks ago the racks arrived!

We now have four bike racks outside.

Most of the time they are all full like this.

Bonus shot of cute Electra Amsterdam!  Haven't spotted the rider yet.

It's very gratifying to see the city respond to your needs when you make a request - no matter how small it may seem.  Thanks, LA Department of Transportation!


  1. Success! Every person makes a difference.

  2. the electra...i just got a specialized mountain bike....will put up pix soon on fb