Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello, Blogosphere.

The other subtitle for this blog could have been “One City Girl’s Adventures in Becoming a Cyclist.”  That’s right.  I am a TOTAL newbie to the world of cycling (and an even bigger newbie to the world of blogging).  When I started researching bicycles I didn’t know a shifter from Shinola.  I started from scratch.  All I knew is I wanted to ride a bike.  I really wanted to ride a bike.  It started when I went to Santa Barbara for a long weekend last May with my boyfriend and we rented bikes for a day to get around town – it changed everything.  I’ve been bike obsessed ever since. I’ve scoured the web for all things bike.  I’ve learned all about different kinds of bikes and bicycling styles.  Bike shopping (i.e. learning about bikes) has become my new hobby. 

The goals of this blog are to share my experiences while I learn about cycling and cycle in Los Angeles and to learn as much as I can about cycling and bikes from interacting with you! 

Me with the beach cruiser I rented in Santa Barbara – the very moment I was bitten by the bicycling bug!

As a final note for this first post, I'd like to thank my dear friend and amazing artist Lissette Schettini for the beautiful artwork in the header of this blog.  And congratulations to her on her new bike, a Fuji Palisade 2.0 (2009).  Enjoy it!


  1. Just found your blog and excited to read of someone's bike blogging adventures so close to me. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Fantastic, Beany! I've been meaning to individually write to all the fabulous bloggers that I've been reading. I'm so glad you found me!