Monday, January 25, 2010

It Came to Me in a Flash.

I’ve had my Bianchi Milano Alfine for about 6 months now and I really like it but…I’ve been dreaming of other bikes.  Something about it is a bit sluggish and heavy.  Part of me wants something zippier, lighter, more efficient.  I stare longingly whenever I see a cool girl coasting by on a single speed or fixie with not a care in the world, nothing but a messenger bag on her back.  I myself am eternally carrying two panniers on my rear rack.  So here’s what came to me:  I need a fast, simple, single speed bike (and a messenger bag) and a slow, comfortable, plush bike that’s good at hauling stuff.  My current bike is somewhere in between and doesn’t really satisfy either need quite well enough.  So what kind of bikes would suit these needs?  Perhaps a Surly Steamroller and a Pashley Princess Sovereign?  I think to have 2 such different bikes would be divine!  The single speed for when I just want a light bike I can jump on and go – a bike that can easily be brought up the stairs at my office or my boyfriend’s house.  And the Pashley for shopping trips, leisure rides, tweed rides, or whenever I just really need gears.  

The dream pair?


  1. Um, yes! Everyone who rides a lot really needs two bikes, and these would make quite a pair :)

  2. I have the same bike and have had the same thoughts. I love it for 'round town stuff --it's very comfortable -- but when I need to zip up the hills to and from work, I wish I had something light and skinny.

  3. Two bikes may feel excessive to simplicity folks, but I love having a heavier bike and a road bike. My mountain bike lets me haul stuff and my lovely 5-year-old on his Trail-a-Bike, while my road bike lets me FLY!

    Love, love your logo! I just started my own blog on biking and fitness, both for the average Jane, so I'm dreaming of creating something that wonderful. I'll put you on my blog list!

  4. HI! We have the same bike taste! I bought a Milano Parco last year, and I love it, but like you I have been thinking of replacing my Bianchi in a few years with 2 bikes... and I've been looking at the Surly Fixed gear and the Pashley! Crazy!

    I put expandable wire basket panniers on my rack, so I don't have to attach seperate panniers, and like you I've never been able to find a basket that "works" with this bike... but apart from that, I do love it. It's the first bike I've had for a while (I had a blue 3 gear Schwinn that was stolen) and I did a lot of research before buying it... but it does seem oddly slow for an aluminum bike! I also find it very bumpy, which is why the Pashley appeals to me. :)

    Great bike blog!

  5. I pop into bike shops all the time but somehow I have found neither available to test ride yet. I know of only two shops in Los Angeles that carry Pashleys (Orange 20 and Flying Pidgeon) and both are on the other side of town so it would require a special trip over there to test ride a Pashley. Also I haven't put any pennies in a piggy bank yet to save up for these bikes so as of now it's still just a fantasy but a very active one.

    @ Dottie - Coming from someone with two such beautiful bikes, I really appreciate the stamp of approval! The reason I lean towards the Pashley over actual Dutch bikes is mainly a size issue. I test rode the smallest Batavus and Gazelle once and both were still too big for me. I guess there are no 5'3" shorties in Holland! I understand the smallest Pashley is smaller than the smallest Dutch bike.

    @ Danielle - My bike twin! I love the Bianchi but it's not perfect. I don't think any bike really is perfect though for all things and that's why I really need two (or maybe 3)!

    @ Bliss Chick - Thanks for the affirmation that I'm not a bike hoarder! As for my logo my dear friend designed it and I love it! I found a photograph of a girl on a bike on the internet that I just sort of liked the feeling of and she took it as inspiration and created that beautiful logo. She's very talented.

    @ Aelione let me know if you get any closer to buying a new bike and if you decide to keep your Bianchi or not. I'd love to know. And as for you owning and thinking about the same bikes as I am - well I can only say you have excellent taste! (It is a crazy coincidence though!)