Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Bike Date.

This bike date was actually back in January. Going through my iPhoto library I realize that I have so many pictures I've taken for the blog that I haven't posted!  So I'm going to do some catching up. On this chilly night we went to The Tasting Kitchen in Venice with some friends. If you live in LA it's really a must try restaurant - one of my new favorites. The restaurant is only a couple of miles away from my boyfriend's place so it was a great opportunity to go on a bike date. Our friends were so impressed that we rode our bikes there - and we didn't have to valet park.  The only thing I wish I had brought that night was gloves! I've since learned that lesson and always keep a pair of gloves in my pannier. Sorry for the really poor flash photography.  Must work on my digital photography skills!

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