Friday, July 1, 2011

Po Campo Loop Pannier has Arrived!

I'll have to post a detailed review later after I've had some time with the bag, but my Po Campo Loop Pannier has arrived!

 via Po Campo

I went with the "Chartreuse Poppy" which is a bit greener than I imagined it would be. It's very cute!

Makeover complete. Po Campo bag attached. Ready for my commute!

Also my Pashley make-over is complete. With my new tires and grips and pannier, I don't know...might be elegance overload!


  1. what is the tire width of your Delta Cruisers ?

  2. 26 X 1 3/8. Same as the Marathon Plus that came with it. I got them online from Harris Cyclery.

  3. that is one snazzy pannier!!! you must be the talk of Venice.

  4. Elegance overload? No way - perfection!

    I so want one of those new Po Campo panniers. Perfect little work bag.

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  6. I just got a Po Campo "Logan" I think, it is great for the back rack, and then to carry in to a shop or wherever you are headed. I am very much enjoying it. I hope you are enjoying your pannier. I also have a Pashley Princess! Such a classy ride!

  7. Just found this updated post with your Schwabb cruisers, handlebars and pannier. LOVE the look! I am ordering the same bike you have and adding the same tires. Would love to get your input about my other add ons. Thinking of adding the Civia 'loring' front and back racks in place of the basket and back rack on the PPS. Also fell in love with
    Portland design works 'Bourbon' grips. Then I found the Axiom shopping 'bagsket' What do you think?