Thursday, December 23, 2010

Test Ride: Redline 925

Today I test rode this bike at Orange 20 Bikes. It is a 44cm 2010 Redline 925. It's a Chromoly steel, single-speed road bike that's designed to be a commuter. It's fitted with full fenders and a plastic chain guard (not pictured here). The bull horn handle bars are an interesting choice (the 2011 version doesn't have them). Despite the warning from the salesman, I actually found them quite comfortable. Even though you're stretched way out on them, you're actually still quite upright and can see everything ahead of you. I found there was quite a bit of toe overlap with the the front wheel. I guess that's just expected because of the compact track geometry of the bike. I'd never used metal toe clips before and I didn't care for them - and I imagine that they could do a lot of damage to one's shoes. Also I found the bike was geared a bit high for me (42:16) (Did I write that correctly?), but for a person with stronger legs I'm sure it'd be fine. It can easily be fitted with a rear rack as well. This bike comes in at under $600, and it's very nice that they make it in a size small enough for a shortie like me! At 5'3" it's really hard to find a diamond frame bike that actually fits me. Overall it's a very cool bike at a great price.

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  1. I like the 925. It appears to be a nice trouble free bike. There's not much to go wrong with a single speed. It looks like it would be easy to add an internally geared hub if you decide you need a geared bike later on.