Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bikerowave and Breakfast.

Today my boyfriend and I went out for breakfast in the neighborhood and decided on our way to stop by the amazing bike co-op Bikerowave. Wow!  For only $7 an hour you can learn bike repair from an expert and have access to all the tools and space you need to repair or build up a bike. The guys in the shop were as cool as can be, the place is not-for-profit, and is staffed by passionate volunteers. It's really special.  I have a dream of finding a little vintage mixte frame and building it up as a single speed like this, and once I find the frame I'll be doing all the work at Bikerowave. I have a lot to learn about bike maintenance, repair and building, but the idea of being self sufficient and being able to fix or build up my own bike is really exciting.

Breakfast was at this great place The Curious Palate.

Our bikes patiently waiting for us to finish breakfast.

Both these places are just a couple of examples of how great the neighborhood of Mar Vista is.  I've only been living here for a few months and I'm really loving it.  It has a nice, neighborhood feel and it's incredibly walkable or bikeable.  New great places are popping up all the time, the bike lane on Venice Blvd. is great, and we're just 2 miles from the ocean!

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  1. Love, love the Bikerowave concept!! Hot Husband helps me with some of my repairs, but truth be told, I probably listen more to someone else. I also get tips from friends, but hate feeling like a mooch. I'm thinking about having a women's bike clinic for a couple of simple things this month for LGRAB's Summer Games. Hmmm . . . .