Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunny Sunday Ride.

This past weekend the weather in L.A. was warm warm warm!!! At around 80 degrees by the beach, it was warmer than most days last summer.

Had to turn my bike around to photograph her "good side." 

 The Pashley was great for the leisurely pace of the beach bike path.

 We spent the whole day out and about, she and I.


  1. I'm not reading this post seething with jealousy, Oh no...........

    You are a Lucky Lady having that cycle route in your back yard.

  2. (Laughing.)

    Adorable. You look like a visiting Englishwoman from London. ^_^ Love the way your dress and panniers match the bike.

    But doesn't black get uncomforably hot in the sunshine?

  3. Fuzzy - you are right I am indeed a lucky girl. Los Angeles leaves a lot to be desired in terms of bike friendliness but the Marvin Braude Beach Bike Path is a treasure. It's even better in the winter when the beach isn't crowded with people. Even though the path is labeled "bikes only" tourists and locals alike stroll around all over it and make it pretty difficult to cycle. You usually get into a couple of "close calls" on crowded days because of this and sometimes the walkers are actually quite aggressive! It's like L.A. road rage transferred to the bike path!

    Louie - thank you! As a former Cure fan I am pretty used to wearing black in the summer. Haha. Actually with the breeze by the ocean and the breeze I was creating on my bike it was just fine. That's the beauty of a sun dress - it let's the air flow.

  4. You look adorable! While I love seeing your beach photos, it makes me miss living closer. So glad to see you're enjoying the Pashley ride though! :o)

  5. hi, I've recently come across your blog and love the LA views. The hats are great and you both look adorable.

  6. Your Pashley is beautiful! I would love to get my hand on a set of wheels like that!