Monday, March 7, 2011

Rivendell Sighting.

Last week when I was out at breakfast I spotted a Rivendell Atlantis!

Hi I'm Pretty.

My jealous Bianchi in the background.

Even though Rivendell bikes come from California, I don't see them in the wild all that often. This one was parked outside my favorite breakfast spot (Nichols in Marina Del Rey). When I went inside I secretly checked out the clientele to see if I could figure out who was the Atlantis owner. :) Though the Atlantis would not be my Rivendell of choice (I'd probably go for the Betty Foy or the Quickbeam) it was still fun to see such a beauty up close and personal.


  1. Wow, they seriously only locked that thing up by the front tire. D=
    Even if i were an olympic sprinter with a guaranteed window seat, i'd never - NEVER - be that dumb and lazy. Woah!
    Not your problem, i know, but the pictoral documentation of teh st00pid burns. Things happen so fast in LA and thieves everywhere are smart and opportunistic - best never to give them even a slight chance.
    YOU are awesome, i was lured to your blog by your Milano and would like to congratulate you on the Pashley - she's so very lovely!

  2. Yeah and it's a pretty small cable lock too. I just got myself a seriously heavy duty new Abus chain for my Pashley! Thank you for your kind words!!!