Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creative Solutions.

At the Farmers' Market last Sunday I spotted this father/son duo.

Check out the clever storage solution for their Farmers' Market goodies!

Dad checking on his kid and cargo.

As I was snapping pics I overheard the gal in the booth asking the dad about their bike. It's definitely an attention getter!

I recently picked up this milk crate for my own bike (in red) but I haven't installed it yet. I was thinking of zip-tying it to my rear rack and trying out the idea of just throwing stuff into the crate instead of my current two-pannier storage system. I've never been able to find a front basket that I thought looked right on my bike, but I've always longed for the ease of a basket you can just toss your stuff into. 

For those of you wondering why I actually bought one and didn't just grab a milk crate from behind a restaurant, there a couple of reasons. These crates from The Container Store are smaller than the kind found at restaurants and grocery stores and seem more appropriately sized for my bike and my rack, and at $10 I thought it was a bargain on-bike storage solution. But more importantly taking a dairy crate from a restaurant is stealing, no? I'm not sure if it's stealing from the restaurant or the dairy but either way I'd rather just plunk down $10 and have a clear conscious.


  1. Last night we were coming back from dinner with carry out boxes of chicken biryani and lamb korma and I wished one of us had a crate like that. All we had was my much loved Detour pannier (very servicable for work) and a bungi net. We ended up securing the carry out boxes in a plastic grocery bag under the spring clip of the newspaper rack. This resulted in the container getting squashed and korma sauce tragically leaking into the plastic bags.

  2. Cool set-up! The magical, mystical Mr. Milkcrate :)

  3. "E" has a Wald 933 MESH Q-R BASKET. You just grab the handle and it is released from the rack. It looks classy on her Specialized Crossroads