Monday, July 19, 2010

Fisherman's Village by Bike.

Though some parts of LA have been really hot this weekend, here on the Westside it's been beautiful. My boyfriend and I took a ride to The Fisherman's Village in Marina Del Rey yesterday. We didn't know we were going there. We just wanted to go for a bike ride and that's where we ended up.

We started on the Ballona Creek Bike Path. Where the Ballona Creek Bike Path meets the Marvin Braude Beach Bike Path there is this sweet little area where cyclists rest, people fish, and there is a gorgeous view of the Marina all around.

L.A. people at play.

Bikes, fishing and dogs go well together.

Love his fishin' outfit.

Fixies can enjoy the Marina too.

Beach cruisers. The most commonly seen bike in the area.

Fishing poles without their people.

Just pretty.

Cool dudes.

Sorry for the blurry shot - but she's on a Bianchi Milano so I had to include it!

Gotta give the roadies some love too.

We turned back and made our way to the Fisherman's Village.

They had unusual bike racks. My Bianchi and my boyfriend's Masi locked up.

A swing band provided entertainment.

My parents used to bring us here when we were kids, but I'd never been back as an adult.

From the looks of it these guys spend a lot of time on that roof.

The beau.

It was a gorgeous day and a nice, relaxing ride. Ah Saturdays...doesn't get much better.

This post is an entry for the "Let's Go Ride a Bike" Summer Games. (New Territory - Explore a new part of town by bike.)


  1. Gorgeous photos!

    It's very interesting to see the urban LA fisherman, as well as the great diversity of bikes there.

  2. It was a gorgeous day and a nice, relaxing ride. Ah Saturdays...
    beach bikes