Friday, March 19, 2010

Art, Moving, Organzing, Commuting.

"Take a Cruise" by Lauren Singer
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I am the proud new owner of this beautiful bike painting! Ever since I've been smitten with bikes I've been equally smitten with bike-related art.  It's such a simple but beautiful subject.  It's no wonder artists have been painting and photographing bikes forever!

This beautiful painting will get prime real estate in my new living room.  I just moved into a new apartment last month - hence the major lag between posts!  The great news is that I am now just 2.5 miles from work so bike commuting is so much easier!  My former commute was almost 10 miles so riding to work was doable but it was kind of a big production and I could only manage it maybe once a week.

The hard part of the move has been downsizing my life.  I've definitely lost a lot of space.  With the help of a professional organizer, I'm paring my belongings down to the essentials - if it doesn't serve me and I don't love it, it's gotta go!  Cycling is such a wonderful way to simplify your life.  If I'm driving my car to work I lug my huge purse AND my huge "work bag" with me every day.  If I'm riding my bike I really have to decide what is important to bring with me.  It forces me to be more organized!

I'm working towards the goal of riding to work 3 days a week - very reasonable especially now that the weather is so perfect in LA!

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